Theme Options, which you can decide according to your needs, strategies and budget when designing your e-commerce site, are offered to your liking in 3 different packages. In all of our E-Commerce packages, there is no limitation or difference in terms of the infrastructure, functions and features used, and the packages differ from each other in terms of the number and variety of designs. For detailed information about the content of the theme, you can review the features menu or contact us.



Standard Theme


Standard Theme is the most advantageous E-Commerce package in terms of price, which meets all your needs at the beginning and has a single option as a design option. It is an important advantage that it meets the basic needs and is quickly installed.



Advanced Theme


Advanced Theme; It is an E-Commerce Package with ready-to-use design options, which allows you to choose the most suitable design among many designs according to your industry and the needs of your company, which has been previously developed and edited. Having a large number of homepage design options and having a structure suitable for design developments specific to your needs are among the most important advantages.



Custom Theme


Special Theme is an E-Commerce package that is created by recoding a special site design that is chosen together according to your industry, company and strategies, apart from pre-designed ready-made themes, with the E-Commerce infrastructure. The most important advantage of the Custom Theme package; It is the opportunity to choose the most suitable design option for your needs and strategies among unlimited design options, without depending on ready-made designs.


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