Web Sitesi Tasarımı ve Cevabını Arayan Sorular

Website Design and Questions Looking For Answers

In the recent past, individuals doing business in any business or large and small businesses asked "why should you have a website?" or "why is it important to have a website", but nowadays; The same audience that produces business comes with questions such as "how can I have a better website", "how can I stand out in Google searches", "how can we create a better perception about our tiresome brand or company visiting my website", in fact, what time is the website topic? becomes an important proof that it is understood correctly.

Of course, both the developments in technology and the intense exposure of the society to these developments contributed to the change of this perception about the importance of website design.

Although the importance of website design is understood, we cannot ignore the fact that it is sometimes not valued as much as its importance.

However, it should not be forgotten that; When Nasreddin Hodja's story, which he says "eat my fur", is actually considered in terms of websites, it meets the situation to a large extent.

Because a well-designed website design, both technically and technically, makes a very important contribution in the positive sense, by drawing an image for users as good as you are or not, in the first place to get an idea about you, your business or your brand.

Of course, the opposite is also true. In other words, no matter how successful you are in your business or industry, a bad website design can also cause you to draw a negative image in the eyes of an interlocutor who does not know you at all.

Considering the issue of website design, we will be sharing with you the answers to the following questions that come to mind at once or need to know:

1- What kind of website design should it be?

2-Which website design is better?

3-How do I make my website stand out?

4-Does it matter who designed the website?

5-What does SEO compatible website design mean?

6-Are there different technologies in website design?

7-What is mobile view in website design and what is not?

8-How should the basic menu structure of a corporate website be?

9-What should be considered in a personal website?

10-Can I design my website myself?

11-How to create a strategy before starting the website design?

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