Nasıl bir web sitesi tasarımı olmalı?

What kind of website design should it be?

As we mentioned in our previous articles, Website design is the area where users or potential customers who do not know you get the first impression of you, your business or your business.

This, of course, raises questions and different answers about how a website should be.

When evaluating a website, it is necessary to evaluate it from several different angles:

How The Website Should Be Technically:

Although the process varies depending on the software language or ready infrastructure used while developing the websites, this website development process technically targets the same goals.

Nowadays, it is essential for websites to be compatible with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When users search with various keywords in search engines such as Google or Yandex, it is very important that they rank at the top of the listed sites. You will be able to reach our more detailed article about SEO Compatible Website on our publications page soon.

Another aim of ours should be to ensure that the site opens as fast as possible and that the site works quickly with various technical methods such as "Lazy Load". In other words, when opening the page, minimum information is loaded first and quickly, and the rest is loaded on the page in line with the needs while browsing other areas of the page. Of course, one of the factors that fundamentally affects this speed issue is that the internet infrastructure you connect to is strong and fast.

Another important technical goal is the absence of non-working links on the website, the correct arrangement of the site titles of various pages and the arrangement of the website sitemap.

It is possible to have a better website by eliminating the deficiencies by looking at various scores and reports from the sites that make site analysis only for this subject.

How the Website Should Look in terms of Design and User Experience:

Website design is a subject that differs a lot according to the changing trends from day to day, even being affected by the change in society, and changes a little according to the aesthetic preferences, strategies, and perspectives of the person or company, and in fact, there is no "one truth".

For example, when you compare the websites developed in the 90s with the websites designed in the 2000s or 2010s, you will see that the same periods were also influenced by trends and fashion lines.

Recently, two issues have come to the fore in Web Site design. These; user experience and simple minimalist design.

When it comes to user experience, especially in today's world where everything is being tested quickly, it is a very natural expectation that the user who enters a website when people do not have even a minute to lose, wants to reach a website in parallel with this. It becomes a necessity for these users to reach the site quickly and easily through the site they visit. This is only possible with a website that works well technically, that is, simple, that is, minimalist and easy to edit.

As a result, while designing the website, it should be designed by taking advantage of new technologies, changing SEO practices and paying attention to changing user habits.

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