KVKK'ya Uyum ve E-Ticaret

Compliance with KVKK and E-Commerce

While developing Internet technologies bring innovations and conveniences to our daily lives that we could not even imagine a while ago, they have started to pose a threat to our personal information such as our tastes, preferences and lifestyle.

Institutions, people, mobile applications, etc. that we do not know at all. organizations record our name, surname, gender, date of birth, where we studied, our political views, our religious beliefs for any reason or no reason, and somehow use this information in channels that we do not know or perhaps do not want.

The issue of Personal Data Security, which has been discussed in the world since the 1950s and became the most comprehensive in 2016 with the GDPR regulation of the European Union, entered our lives with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) No. 6698 on April 7, 2016.

While establishing the legal infrastructure for the processing of personal data acquired by real or legal persons with the KVKK that entered into force, it is aimed to protect personal data by bringing various standards and sanctions to data processing.

In the law, the storage or use of the acquired Personal Data is defined as the processing of the personal data, and it is clearly stated that the purpose of the storage of the Personal Data, how long it will be stored, the hierarchy of access to the data, which category the data belongs to, the storage conditions and what technical measures are taken for its security. The criteria for recording, reporting and auditing for data are included.

The legislator has established the Data Controllers Information System, namely VERBIS, in order to carry out these audits and reports. According to the criteria in the law, companies with more than 50 employees per year or companies with a financial general balance sheet total of more than 25 million TL for the previous year are obliged to register with VERBIS.

With the KVKK, individuals are given the right to learn about the purposes of processing, to ask for the duration of the leave, to terminate the permission given, or to request the deletion of the data.

In this context, KVKK compliance, which all kinds of businesses are dealing with, especially in terms of businesses that sell over the internet, in a period when E-Commerce accelerates so much, it has become an inevitable necessity for them to learn about KVKK and harmonize their businesses with KVKK.

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