E-Ticaret’e İlk Adım!

First Step to E-Commerce!

E-Commerce, which has a continuous growth volume throughout the world, continues to be the focus of attention of new entrepreneurs and companies selling products day by day. We have summarized a few basic issues that those who want to start e-commerce should know for you.

The first step of E-Commerce will naturally be to find a business idea for yourself and to establish an E-commerce site where you can receive payment by credit card and sell products. Of course, your job does not end when you set up the E-Commerce Site. It becomes a very important issue for you to decide which product / service to sell, to whom and with which strategy. For this, choosing a sector that you are primarily interested in or know will benefit you, especially at the beginning.

Creating your brand is as important as finding the right product and sector in e-commerce. Branding will be a process that affects your company in every sense, from the marketing language used to social responsibility areas, goals and strategies.

The first step of branding in e-commerce is to find a name for your company, create your corporate identity and create your logo design.

When choosing your brand name, you will need to be original, keep in mind and pay attention to finding the appropriate domain for e-commerce.

In short, what you need to pay attention to in logo design for e-commerce; It can be summarized as that your logo represents the work you do, the name or slogan in the logo design is clear and legible, and the colors are compatible. We will cover this subject in more detail in our upcoming articles.

After creating your brand, the next step for E-Commerce will be to establish your company. You can establish three types of companies, namely, Private Company, Limited Company, Joint Stock Company. We will have compiled our more detailed article on the subject of which company should we choose according to what and what are the conditions, in the following blogs.

To start e-commerce, your next step will be to create the infrastructure of your E-Commerce platform.

Choosing the right choice in the e-commerce infrastructure, understanding your needs correctly and choosing the company from which you will receive reliable service will take you one step ahead. Strategically determining which features you will need and which you will not need, especially when doing e-commerce, will protect you from incurring extra costs for unnecessary features. Of course, one of the factors that can directly affect your success in the field of E-Commerce is whether your solution partner, from whom you receive support in E-Commerce, produces solutions specific to your industry, company and strategies, and how flexible they can act.

However, choosing the right e-commerce infrastructure will be of great benefit in increasing your e-commerce sales and attracting more organic traffic.

E-commerce is a living platform and business partners who will be there for you whenever you need it will always add strength to you.

After choosing the right infrastructure, you can start your e-commerce sales.

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