E-Ticaret sitesi kurarken nelere dikkat etmeliyiz?

What should we pay attention to when setting up an e-commerce site?

We should not forget that e-commerce is a very important channel for our company, brand and products, with the awareness that it is a door opening from our business to the world.

The fact that an E-Commerce site is mobile compatible, SSL security certified, compatible with Google search engines, that is, has an SEO-compatible infrastructure as a standard, and has a useful design that provides user-friendliness, are indispensable issues to be considered when choosing an E-Commerce software.

The fact that the E-Commerce site you will establish has an easy-to-understand infrastructure for your users will increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the basis for the customers who have shopped from your E-Commerce site to make repeat purchases and turn them into a mass of loyal customers.

Also, satisfied customers direct new customers to your E-Commerce site with recommendations. This is an important first step to increase your customer portfolio.

Offering payment alternatives on your e-commerce site and providing these payment transactions in a reliable environment and with reliable institutions is one of the features you should pay attention to as it will increase the efficiency of your site.

It is very important that the product page of a successful e-commerce site includes the quality of the photos promoting the product and accurate and detailed information about the product.

The design of your e-commerce site should be interesting and functional. It should be in line with your corporate identity by establishing a bond with your brand.

We have tried to summarize for you the issues that you should pay attention to when setting up your e-commerce site. To get more detailed information before starting E-Commerce, you can get support by contacting our Cloud Store team on our website or contact information.

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