7/24 Açık Mağaza

24/7 Open Store

In traditional trade methods, you can only extend the working hours of your workplace by increasing the number of personnel, working hours, and fixed expenses such as electricity and water. This means more cost and investment. Of course, the growth of the operation, the difficulty of its manageability in addition to its cost, reveals the need to employ employees even to manage it.

Of course, your industry must also be available for this overtime extension. For example, while a fast food business may be open 24/7, this may not be possible for a boutique due to the limitations set by both the customer target group and the legislator.

E-Commerce, on the other hand, is very different from traditional trading methods in this respect. Your e-commerce site is open 24/7. No matter who your customer target audience is, they can reach you at any time, examine your products and buy the product they like even while you are sleeping at home.

For this, your Virtual Store does not need to increase costs such as overtime or electricity costs. While your physical store is open at certain times of the day, your e-commerce store never closes.

E-Commerce opens new horizons to traditional trading methods, while offering opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency and profits.

We tried to summarize for you the advantages of being open 24/7, compared to traditional trading methods. To get more detailed information before starting E-Commerce, you can get support by contacting our Cloud Store team on our website or contact information.

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